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About Guy Lestician, Inventor

Guy Lestician is an inventor with numerous domestic and international patents in many technology related fields. Guy has established many technology companies over the past 40 years including Omni-Tronics Inc., OMNI-Tronics International Inc., Omni-Tronics Systems, Ice Cap Inc., and Design Management Inc. He has invented and patented new and advanced breakthroughs in lighting, macrobiotics, electronics, and many energy saving technologies. His inventions are used today in Europe, Canada, Russia, and the United States. Guy continues to innovate and invent and is currently developing self-sensing electronic ballasts for multiple advanced lighting systems that can light a mercury free, filament free fluorescent bulb.


1976 - "PEP"

As a young man Guy Lestician worked in the emerging world of consumer electronics and developed digital instrumentation for race cars as well as helping develop the first silicone tube storage system, as a NASA certified technician, for Princeton Electronic Products (PEP).




1976 - OMNI Computer

In 1976 Guy Lestician created Omni-Tronics, Inc. to manufacturer one of the world’s first networked computer systems with a multi-user capacity of 60 keyboards for applications in the educational field and could handle multiple computer languages. This company later became Omni-Tronics International as global demand for computer technology increased in the retail sector.


1985 - Zebra Computer System

Following on with the success of Omni-Tronics, Guy then developed the Zebra Computer system which automated cash register functions and enabled printed receipts for the restaurant market and hospitality industry. Sylvester Stallone became an early investor in Zebra.

1990 - Ice Cap Industries Inc.

Guy’s innovative self-sensing magnetic lighting ballasts first appeared in 1990 enabling multiple lamps to be lit with a single ballast. Because of its adjustable output it became popular in the aquarium industry for managing algae. This technology is still being manufactured and marketed today.

1995 - Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Guy helped create “Green Screen” technologies used in television shows and major motion pictures (“Honey I Shrunk the Kids”, “Apollo 13”) with his unique lighting systems which are still in use in Hollywood today.

1996 - Metal Halide Lights

Metal halide lights in factories are slow to start and slow to restart. Using knowledge gained from the aquarium industry, Guy developed low and high pressure sodium light bulbs and instant start ballasts. This lighting system is still used today by NASA on the space station to grow plants.

1997 - Working With Lighting Leads to Discovery

Using the technologies from the lighting ballasts and his other lighting technologies, Guy discovered that significant electrical efficiencies could be made. Using these lessons, he designed an energy saving device for the home.

1998 - First Generation of "EPIC"

In 1998, Guy developed the EPIC Unit which enabled energy savings in residential buildings in the 8% to 11% range. The EPIC technology arose out of a BELL ATLANTIC (Verizon) commission for lighting protection and surge suppression. The TVSS (transient voltage surge suppression) technology he developed for Bell Atlantic protected the entire building. It worked with generators and battery inverters and corrected issues with power supplied from the local utility grid. This technology is still in service today.



2005 to 2007 - Second Generation of "EPIC"

Guy continued to enhance the efficiencies of the EPIC for another five years until he was ready to launch the 2nd generation of this energy saving device as the Energy Bank Unit (EBU) which was granted US Patents in 2009.



2013 - The Third Generation - The BPU™

In 2013, Guy completely re-engineered his technology into a unique energy management system and began manufacturing in March 2014. Now titled the Basic Power ™ Unit, this energy management system reduces kWh consumption at your utility meter as well as encompassing surge suppression, harmonic mitigation, lightning protection, phase balancing and addressing voltage sag and swell and other power factor issues.



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