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Custom Controls

SPS has partnered with a company that has experience and expertise in creating custom building control solutions in the light commercial space.

They will conduct a comprehensive audit of existing mechanicals to identify what is not currently working or working efficiently, and to make initial recommendations on required fixes.

Taking a vendor neutral approach, they select the most appropriate components and harness open communication protocols.

The goal is well beyond simply turning things on and off: good ROIthere is a total rething on how equipment shoild operate and share information for maximum performance and reliability.

Recommendations will be cost effective with good ROI's and short payback periods.


  • Wired and wireless communication options
  • Built on open communications protocols
  • Mechanical contractor friendly for installation and servicing
  • Infinitely expandable and adaptable
  • Capable of on-site installation or cloud set-up
  • Single site applications or multi site enterprise level configuration
  • Utilize existing IT structure or can be independent from it
  • User friendly secure system with access from anywhere
  • Cost effective installations with power and with power & expandability of a traditional BAS
  • Capable of providing demand response and load shedding functions with either manual initiation or automated with the Utility company via OpenADR
  • Designed with building analytics in mind
  • Integrated automated fault detection and diagnostics
  • Designed to bridge the gap between traditional building automation controls and the Internet of Things (IoT)


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