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What is a Digi-RTU®?

A Digi-RTU® is a control kit designed to improve the energy efficiency of a rooftop air conditioning unit. The Digi-RTU® modulates the rooftop unit capacity to match the dynamic nature of the building cooling or heating loads by regulating both the supply air fan and compressor speeds. As a result, energy waste is minimized and indoor comfort improved. Because of its unique operating principles, the Digi-RTU® achieves greater energy savings than any other product of its kind currently on the market. In fact, in 2011, it won the American Public Power Association’s DEED Energy Innovator Award!

Is the Digi-RTU® Right for My Building?

Ideal for all commercial and industrial rooftop HVAC units of between 3 to 30 tons.
It can be configured for operation using a conventional programmable thermostat or integrated into the existing building automation system.
Does the DIGI-RTU® Meet the CO2 Requirements for My Building?

The Digi-RTU satisfies ASHRAE Standard 62.1 and California Title 24 requirements.

What Benefits Can I Expect If My Building is Equipped with a DIGI-RTU®?

40% to 60% reduction in energy consumption and 30% to 60% decline in demand.
Reduction in peak demand that results in lower peak demand charges and, potentially, a lower kWh rate.
Continuous comfortable room temperature and humidity levels.
Reduction of compressor cycling and extension of the rooftop unit service life.
Lowered maintenance costs.
Reduction in noise pollution.

What is the Typical Payback Period?

The Digi-RTU® has a typical payback period of 2 to 3 years. Factors affecting the length of the payback period include the climate zone, rooftop unit capacity, local utility rates, as well as the availability of rebates and incentives.

Is the Digi-RTU® Sized According to the Specifications of My Rooftop Unit?

Yes, the Digi-RTU® is sized based on the rooftop unit information.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Digi-RTU®?

It typically takes about 4 hours to install and test a Digi-RTU®.

What is the Communication Protocol that Comes with the Digi-RTU®?

The existing T-Stat remains in the space and communicates with the Digi-RTU®. For BAS communication, the Digi-RTU® is Modbus. It outputs native BACnet MS/TP and can be bridged to the LAN network.



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