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Large Roof Top Units (RTU)

Roof Top UnitsThe Digi-RTU®Digi-RTU® is a control package designed for rooftop unit retrofits.

It works best with handlers that are between 7.5 and 50 tons.

It turns a constant volume constant capacity unit into a variable capacity unit.

Studies indicate that implementation of the Digi-RTU® system can result in a 40% to 60% average reduction in energy consumption and 30% to 60% decline in demand.

The Digi-RTUTM modulates the rooftop unit and the capacity of the air and water source heat pumps to match the dynamic nature of building cooling or heating loads. As a result, energy waste is minimized and indoor comfort is improved. Because of its unique operating principles, the Digi-RTUTM achieves greater savings than any other product on the market.

» Existing Building Automation System (BAS), Thermostat & HVAC controllers remain

» Reduces total electrical consumption & peak demand by up to 60%

» Reduces gas consumption by 10-15%

» Better maintains the room temperature set-point and humidity

» Reduces compressor cycling

» Reduces operating and maintenance costs

Digi-RTUTM Advance Controls

» Variable Refrigerant Flow; compressor optimization

» Variable Air Flow; fan speed control

» Integrates with the existing economizer

» Regulates the indoor air CO2 level » Fault Detection & Diagnostics

» Demand Response Functionality; load limit capable

» Remote Monitoring

Digi-RTUTM Applications

» Package rooftop units, water and air source heat-pumps, split units

» Installed on HVAC rooftop units between 3-50 tons

» Up to 4 cooling and 2 heating stages » Integrates with any existing thermostat or BMS

» Demand Control Ventilation CO2 satisfies ASHRAE 62.1 & CA Title 24 Requirements

» Economizer Integration

» Demand Response (DR) signal enabled



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