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Triple Threat Ballistic Walls

ASAP Walls has created a new modular triple threat wall system to protect against ballistic threats, powerful blasts and forced entry attacks. The new s3-Wall has an integrated profile system with grooves all around. A shear bar is placed inside the grooves to allow for horizontal and vertical stacking. The s3-Wall is a structural and complete wall system. The s3-Wall has integrated insulation and sound absorbing components. We offer many different colors and finishes. We not only developed an effective wall, we also created a beautiful wall.

The Triple Threat wall system that protect from:

  • Ballistic (UL 752 Level 8)
  • Blast (11 psi peak overpressure)
  • Forced Entry

The Wall System is/has:

  • Low Cost
  • Sized 4 ft x 8 ft to 4 ft x 12 ft
  • Low Weight - 18 lbs/sqft
  • Available in many Color Choices
  • Has Integrated Insulation
  • Sound Absorbing Elements
  • Integrated Frame Grooves
  • Shear Bar to Connect Panels

About ASAP Walls

With the introduction of the s3-Wall, ASAP Wall is advancing to become the worlds leading security wall manufacturer. The increasing threat of attacks on people and properties calls for an affordable solution, and we believe that the new s3-Wall is the answer.


Built to Protect Life and Property

ASAP Walls has a history of innovation and using leading-edge technology. Our new multi layer s3-Wall is a continuation of the prooven BAM-1A wall design.The BAM-1A wall has given our clients years of continued protection.


Where can ASAP Walls be utilized?

ASAP's walls can be assemled and used anywhere, ofthen to create safe rooms.  Some examples are:

  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Stand alone ATM housing
  • Theaters
  • Human Aid sites
  • Military establishments

For more information visit http://www.asapwalls.com/index.html



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