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Xchanger is a patented dynamic heating and cooling technology used for stratification of air in all types of buildings.

Xchanger is an intelligent HVAC ductwork system which improves the operational efficiencies of heating and air conditioning systems in conditioned buildings of all shapes and sizes by reversing supply and return, depending on the season.

Xchanger is a unique product that has the ability to deliver air from multiple locations, dependent on temperature and demand.

Xchanger will work on any forced air system and will work in tandem with other systems such as geothermal and solar.

Xchanger significantly lowers energy consumption and saves money, while increasing the comfort and air quality in the building.

While in cooling mode, Xchanger bypasses the ceiling to deliver cold air at floor level, providing more efficient cooling and greater comfort.

While in heating mode, Xchanger reverses the supply and return, whereby cold air is pulled off the floor (return) and warm air is pulled down from the celing (supply).

The benefits of Xchanger:

  • Provides a quick return on investment
  • Retail / big box stores have shown 20-30% savings
  • Can reduce the need for larger or additional roof top units
  • Unique in the marketplace - simple and efficient
  • The patent is adaptable to conform with virtually any forced air system
  • Works in tandem with other technologies
  • Qualifies for IRS incentives and some utility company rebates and incentives


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