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Golf Courses

The model for golf courses is very different from the landscaping project model (which is a per zone monthly service fee that is less than savings).

In the case of a golf course, NO CONTROLLER is installed - consequently, the water is NOT controlled and remains in the sole control of the superintendent.

Accordingly, the value for golf courses lies in the moisture, salinity and temperature data provided by the sensors, that allows the superintendent to manage many aspects of turf care. The superintendent uses the data to determine what and when to water, and when are the optimal times to apply chemicals etc. Resultantly, because we do not control the water, we cannot estimate or guarantee water savings.

Secondly, the business model is going to be a little different for golf courses. Each course will be different, but a rule of thumb to go by if someone asks about costs for courses is $2,000 a month for 100 points of data (sensors) on a typical course. The actual cost will be determined after analysis of the course.

Let's not forget, the HOA's associated with and around the course have many more sensors and, if the cost analysis qualifies them for savings over costs, the ongoing savings will be significant.



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