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HVAC Commercial Chip

Our 8THEM-0006 Rev. D is a commercial grade, highly reliable EFC designed specifically for optimization of medium to large tonnage HVAC systems.

Work papers by California utilities S.C.E., P.G. & E., S.C.G.C., S.D.G..& E and others show substantial savings achieved through implementation of Efficient Fan Control (EFC) technology.

Our EFC offers average annual savings of 12-15% to commercial HVAC energy consumers.

Patent pending algorithms compute optimal fan extension run times for each cycle individually Efficient recovery of otherwise wasted energy, left in the compressor cooling coils / heating elements and duct systems, results in more cost effective performance and increased comfort.

Compressor Rest Feature

In very hot climate zones, HVAC compressors can run endlessly, eliminating EFC savings. CWS 8THEM-0006 Rev. D signals the compressor to cycle off whenever it runs continuously for thirty minutes. The evaporator fan continues to push air through the system. Air continues to be cooled virtually cost free. After a four minute rest, the compressor is turned on and the system runs normally. Independent study shows verifiable reduction of operating cost of 8-10%.

The 8THEM-0006 (Rev.D) also offers:

? Automatic prevention of fan extension run time during heat pump operation in cold weather

? Front-end electrical noise filter. ? High-temperature rated components.

? Highly reliable latching relays. ? Zero energy consumption when latched in either ON or OFF position.

? Potted for protection from moisture, dust / dirt and damage from hostile elements.

? Tested to military grade specifications.

These features all contribute to substantial energy conservation, operating cost savings and optimal HVAC system performance.



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