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Kitchen Ventillation Control System

Melink's Intelli-Hood Controls is a demand ventilation control package that is installed in commercial kitchen ventilation systems.

The System is designed to reduce fan energy consumption by slowing the exhaust and makeup air fans whenever full speed is not needed.

It modulates the speed of motors with variable speed drives (VFD's) based on input that it receives from tow sources: (1) temperature sensor(s) mounted in the exhaust duct and (2) an infrared (IR) beam that spans the length of the exhaust hood.

An increase in the exhaust duct temperature or a disturbance in the IR beam signals the controller to increase the fan speed until the heat, smoke or steam is removed.

As a function of the average fan speed and resultant airflow reduction, the energy required for makeup air heating and cooling is also reduced.

It is not unusual to see a 20-30% reduction in kilowatt consumption.

The comfort level of the working space (kitchen) will be inproved and the noise level reduced.

This product will typically produce a good ROI and a payback period of under three years.

Over 10,000 have been installed in restaurants, grocery stores, country clubs and colleges, etc.



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