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Why LED lighting?

As you may be aware, the production of incandescent bulbs is being phased out by Federal law. Of the remaining lighting sources, LED lighting provides significantly safer and more environmentally-friendly lighting than HID or fluorescents. If you are concerned about clean, low cost, low maintenance, low-hazard, high-quality lighting solutions, LED is the optimal way to go.

Here are some of the reasons why:

•Best lighting option for the environment. LEDs can use as much as 60% less electricity as other types of fixtures and are 100% recyclable. Because they contain no mercury, LEDs do not create the environmental hazards inherent in the production, disposal, and accidental breakage of flourescents.

•Cost effective. LEDs use less energy to operate, and they reduce the energy required for environmental controls at your facility, thus saving on power costs. In addition, many states offer great incentives.

•Better quality of light. LEDs provide high-visibility and consistent bright light with minimal heat output.

•Long life with minimal degradation, virtually no maintenance. With a life span of up to 10-years or over 80,000 hours, LEDs require virtually no maintenance. They produce steady light output with less than 1% degradation annually over the life of the product.

•Safer, healthier and more productive workplace. By providing better quality and color of light and enhancing visibility, LEDs increase productivity, worker satisfaction and workplace health and safety.

•Many utility companies offer substantial rebates on LEDs and other lighting products.

Contact us to arrange your personal LED audit and learn if you can save the 78% energy costs we just quoted a major NC corporation.



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