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Water Savings

The EPA's website states: 

"The U.S. population has doubled over the past 50 years, while our thirst for water has tripled. With at least 40 states anticipating water shortages by 2024, the need to conserve water is critical."


SWS represents patented technologies that optimize landscape management while reducing irrigated water consumption by 30% to 80%, that is easily integrated into any technologies that you currently utilize. Even if you currently utilize weather basd or ET controllers, we will further reduce your water consumption by 30%+.

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We are stong believers that the only true way to properly reduce irrigated water use is to know what the real time moisture levels are in your landscaping - anything else is, at best, an eductaed guess.  

For example, one of our technologies is a fully wireless, below ground, micro-climate sensor network that measures real-time soil moisture, salinity and temperature on a zone-by-zone basis. The data is sent from the sensors in each zone approximately every 10 minutes to the controller. When your normal watering windows begin, the patented, adaptive Watering Algorithm will deliver the precise amount of irrigation that is needed to bring each irrigation station (zone) to its optimal moisture target. By irrigating to zone specific needs, we will generate substantial water savings while enabling you to optimize the health of plantings, trees and turf.

The central value proposition is immediate: net water cost savings for no capital expenditure, on a service agreement whereby we will install, service and maintain the network for the life of the installation.

With regard to crops and agriculture, knowlege of moisture, temperature and salinity at the 

effective root level and below is critical data for a farmer.  We have products that will provide that data from the crop field to the cloud, that will allow the farmer to manage his irrigation and crops far more effectively.

Watch a One Minute video below:

Here are the highlights of the technology: 

  • Typical water usage reduction of 30-80%
  • No capital outlay – installed at OUR cost, not yours
  • Unique patented underground wireless transmission sensor network
  • Installed with no disturbance to your landscaping (no wires = no trenching)
  • Implemented in major facilities nationwide, including Roswell, GA, Chino, CA, Dodger Stadium, UGA, Emory University, Longwood Gardens, PA., etc.
  • Variance granted for South Florida – so effective that there is an exclusion from watering restrictions!
  • Smart sensors transmit data 6 times an hour, 24/7 to a precision irrigation control controller, that uses a patented algorithm to determine precisely how long to water
  • Landscaping will improve - No under or over watering again
  • Significant savings on annual bill after payment of monthly fees.
  • We won’t install unless you can save, or unless we can meet your beautification needs
  • Small monthly service charge per zone
  • No long-term obligation – contract can be terminated at any time
  • Works in any climate (East Coast, West Coast, arid, humid)
  • Use it to create perfect playing fields or landscaping
  • Use it to optimize crop yield, save trees, prevent disease or reduce the chemicals you use
  • Just need to have at least 6 zones 
  • Can be implemented outside of the US
  • Simple qualification process – show us your water bills & tell us how many timer clocks and zones you irrigate!


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